FireTech 2020 Summit

Building Community Resilience Through Tech Innovation

18 Nov 2020, 9am-12pm
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Explore how local govt can build community resilience by adopting next-gen technologies

FireTech 2020 brings together local government associations from around Australia with industry leaders & technology companies to explore how new innovations and technology can build community resilience against catastrophic fire events.

Most conferences these days are glorified Zoom calls, however this summit is delivered through a unique conference platform that will allow delegates to enjoy a far more engaging and interactive experience where they get to explore an expo and engage with other participants.


November 18th, 2020
9am - 12pm


Peregian Digital Hub
253-255 David Low Way, Peregian Beach, QLD


Dr Sarah Pearson
Deputy DG Innovation
QLD State Govt
Craig Lapsley
Emergency Management Expert
Former CFA Commissioner
Adrian Turner
CEO FireFund
Minderoo Foundation
Dr Jenny Scott
Sustainability Program Leader
Ku-ring-gai Council
Lance King
Emergency Management Co-ordinator
Latrobe City Council
Ken Furdek
Community Engagement Manager
Noosa Council
Zara Crichton
Tech Innovation Expert
Venture Cafe
Leanne Kemp
QLD Chief Entrepreneur
Founder/CEO Everledge
Andrew Gissing
Risk and Resilience Expert
GM Risk Frontiers
Leigh Kelson
Program Director
FireTech Connect
Chris Boden
Director, Peregian Digital Hub
Curator, FireTech Connect
Anthony Dow
Economic Development
Noosa Shire Council


Time Session Speakers
8:30am-9:00am Expo & Networking
Explore the floors of our virtual expo and check out cutting-edge bushfire resilience solutions from over 30 firetech companies from around the world. Chat with the founders, get a demo and learn more about what's available.
30 tech companies
9:00am Welcome and Introduction Firetech Connect Leigh Kelson, FireTech Connect Program Director
9:10am Expert View
Government's role in embracing technology to solve problems
Dr Sarah Pearson, Deputy DG Innovation - QLD Government
9:20am Fireside Chat
The role of technology in building community resilience- Mindaroo Blueprint fire shield
Adrian Turner, Minderoo Foundation
Leanne Kemp, QLD Chief Entrepreneur
9:36am Local Council Showcase
Next generation community education - how Ku-ring-gai Council are using immersive bushfire simulation technology to educate and prepare its community for future bushfire events.
Dr Jenny Scott, Sustainability Program Leader for Ku-ring-gai Council
09:52am Panel Discussion
Shifting our mindset from Recovery to Mitigation Recovery
Andrew Gissing, Risk Frontiers
Zara Crichton (Moderator), Venture Cafe
10:13am Local Council Showcase
Communication in the age of disinformation - How Noosa Council learned to take control of crisis messaging through use of live video on social media.
Ken Furdek, Community engagement manager for Noosa Shire Council
10:29am Expert View
Insights into the likely impacts of the recent bushfire commissions of enquiry
Craig Lapsley, Former CFA Commissioner
10:45am Local Council Showcase
Early detection - How Latrobe City Council use an advanced in-field sensor network to automatically detect bushfires when they start.
Lance King, Emergency Management Co-ordinator for Latrobe City Council
11:00am Expo & Networking
Wander the floors of our virtual expo and check out cutting-edge bushfire resilience solutions from over 30 firetech companies from around the world. Chat with the founders, get a demo and learn more about what's available.
Over 30 company founders
12:00pm Summit ends


Over 30 bushfire technology companies exhibiting in the Expo, including...

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    IGNIS by Drone Amplified's technology and custom software is used for igniting prescribed fires using drones.

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    Fire Data Lab

    The Fire Data Lab is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the use of data-driven decision making in the fire service.

    Learn More
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    Attentis Technology

    Attentis® Smart Sensors instantly detect fire starts from all sources providing immediate alert notification, live localised weather, and images to enable rapid investigation and proportionate response

    Learn More
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    3D interactive simulations for the emergency management, wildland fire and STEM markets.

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    Perimeter is a situational intelligence platform to aid first responders with incidents ranging from natural disasters to the COVID-19 pandemic

    Learn More
  • Image is a centralized and artificial intelligence based platform providing real time and near real time disaster information services.

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    Helitak  is a Rotary Aerial Fire Fighting specialist, aerial firefighting design and manufacturing company

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    Aethon Aerial Solutions

    Aethon Holdings, brings together a seasoned team of industry experts with over 100 years of collective experience in airborne LiDAR and remote sensing for commercial industrial and defence applications.

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    Red Helmet technologies

    To be the world’s leading provider of next generation emergency and event management software systems that acts as a key enabler to safer cities and enhances the social capital of communities.

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    Kubbla Navigation Services, through its line of traffic technologies, has a single underlying objective that forms the foundation of the company: Optimize the flow of traffic by minimizing stops at red lights.

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    Bia5's robotic platform, the Ozbot Titan, removes the risk to fire fighting personnel while maintaining the ability to fight and inspect fires.

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    FireFlight's fire mapping software provides real time active fire data as maps, and post fire hotspot maps to fire managers, fire agencies.

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    Wise Networking

    We are developing miniature communication phone tower that can be air-deployed into a disaster area to restore cell phone coverage within hours.

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    Intterra Group

    Now you can have a centralized, visual picture of your resources, the fireline, your preplans, and more, all in near real-time no matter where you are

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    Real Time AI Transcription, Translation and Hard Coded Captions for emergency service communications

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    Flaim Systems

    FLAIM Trainer™ provides firefighters the capacity to train situations and scenarios

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    Atira Systems

    ATIRA Systems® has created a disruptive, 100% non-toxic, water enhancing fire-block gel that allows fire agencies to do more with less

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    Fireball International

    Fireball’s system detects fire as early as three minutes after ignition, allowing for rapid, effective fire suppression and safe, orderly evacuation.

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    Skybrowse was founded to save first responders time when responding to an emergency, thus reducing the overall amount of deaths.

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A virtual conference with a difference

This is not your average Zoom call. Instead you get to explore an expo, engage with exhibitors on a 1:1 basis, connect with colleagues in the networking zone and watch talks with high production values. If you're in QLD, join us in person.