Bushfire resilience through technology innovation

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Calling FireTech Innovators

Firetech Connect is a strategic program to fast-track the commercialisation and adoption of innovative technologies to predict, prevent, fight and manage bushfire emergencies.

The program is led by seasoned tech entrepreneurs, bringing together an international network of leading technologists, business minds and scientists to create paths to scale and drive market adoption.

Sector Development

International network building, Dealflow, Market education, Conference, Roadshows, Digital transformation.

Commercialisation Program

Capability development program. 1:1 and group sessions with world class mentors. Workshops with global experts.

Lab Facility

New Hub facility to run programs, Office space for promising FireTech companies, Technology lab, Workshop space.


Bushfires and wildfires are costing the global economy over $100 billion every year, causing thousands of deaths, destroying countless homes and devastating millions of hectares of property.

Powerful new technologies hold the key to predicting, preventing, fighting & recovering from bushfire emergencies around the world.

Promising technology companies are harnessing drones, robotics, machine learning, 5G networks and IOT to create next generation FireTech solutions. However, adoption of these solutions has been slow due to legacy approaches and bureaucratic inertia.

FireTech Connect is helping to speed up adoption of these solutions by:

  • Fast-tracking the commercial readiness of promising companies.
  • Connecting, informing and supporting the sector's transformation.

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