Our mission is to save lives with tools that help communities and first responders more effectively plan, communicate, and execute evacuations. To do so, Zonehaven has developed two software platforms/tools:

Zonehaven AWARE:

Providing the community with critical evacuation updates and resources, all in one place. Know Your Evacuation Zone: Knowing your zone is critical to the evacuation process. If there is a wildfire or emergency situation, this is how you will check if you are in an impacted area.

Access Information About Your Zone: Find information about your zone, familiarise yourself with local fire and law agencies in your area, and find resources that will help you prepare. Stay informed before, during, and after an evacuation.

Check the Status of Your Zone: The status of your zone will reflect if your zone has been impacted by an emergency incident.

Access Incident Information in Real-Time: view the latest updates about active incidents in your area.

Zonehaven EVAC:

Empowering first responders and agencies with evacuation management tools to plan for, train for, and execute live emergency solutions.

Pre-planning: reduces agencies’ “reflex” time during an incident and ensures teams are always ready for action.

Training and Drills: train cross-agency teams to ensure all key players know what to do in the case of an evacuation via scenario planning, cross-agency collaboration, and intelligent mutual aid.

Alerting and Community Outreach: easily communicate critical evacuation information to the public through the Zonehaven AWARE community app. The app provides multi-channel notifications, live alerts, community awareness.



Location: California, USA