umgrauemeio has designed a solution to detect fire outbreaks in forests and plantations in an average time of 3 minutes. The system can be purchased or rented and it is composed by a hardware and a software, capable of automatically detect fire outbreaks in a 15 km radius (the equivalent of 20 thousand hectares).

With the early detection of fire outbreaks, the environmental and asset losses are reduced up to 90%.

Our journey began in 2015 with the willingness to solve existing problems in agribusiness while maintaining an environmental approach. With the homologation of our system in 2016, in just one year we reached R$5 million in signed contracts.

umgrauemeio is also certified by the Scale-up Endeavor Agrotech 2017 Program in precision agriculture, intelligence and data analysis. We are a full potential climatech startup that understands the principles of innovation in the fast-changing world of technology.



Location: Sao Paolo