Roll Call Solutions

Roll Call Solutions

A mobile platform that combines communications, OH&S and emergency management. It’s quick and easy to deploy. 

There are approximately 3.5 billion workers globally of which at least half are not desk bound and are unlikely to have PC access. Employers are responsible for the safety of staff, regardless of the worker's location and OH&S requirements continue to rise. How is this possible without connectivity?   With the advent of the smart phone and the cloud the world has changed. Online and real-time engagement is now a must not only within a workforce but within a community such as an office building, shopping mall or apartment building.

ONE PRODUCT - Multiple uses:

  • Emergency Management

  • Enterprise communications

  • Mobile intranet

  • Crisis Communications

  • Business continuity planning


  • A mobile intranet

  • Communications

  • Chat & Broadcast

  • Compliance

  • Emergency Management

  • Polls



Location: Australia, Hong Kong, USA