Robotics Cats

Robotics Cats

Our wildfire detection solution combines the power of AI and computer vision to enable early detection of wildfires - to prevent loss of life and assets. It offers an automated 24/7 monitoring system, improving accuracy and response time. How

Our products protect the forests and their communities from being damaged by wildfires.  We employ computer vision, AI and robotics technologies to build our products. Our products empower our customers to detect wildfires as soon as possible after they are ignited, our customers can then suppress the fires when they are small and hence can control the wildfires more effectively.


Insight Robotics InsightFD is the global market leader in early wildfire detection. Its visual and thermal sensors will scan for fire and smoke.  Our AI detection algorithms can detect wildfire at 15km distance. National parks, forestry, wildfire services, UNESCO world heritage, private companies around the world are using InsightFD to mitigate wildfire risks and damage.



Location: Hong Kong