Intelligent fire safety

We offer a solution that protects and alerts before any damage is done. This means increased safety, avoided crises and limited damage for people, assets, property and products. The solution also provides a common operational picture through shared real-time information.

A combined solution that alerts before a fire starts or protects your assets and property if a fire would occur anyway.

WFS® AI functionality

A solution that alerts you before a fire starts and gives a common operation picture. Allows you to plan and take different actions depending on current conditions.

•          Sensors and App with flexible use for various environments and situations •          Distributed measurement •          Big data analysis •          Decision and tactical support •          Situation analysis •          Common operation picture (COP) •          Includes necessary basic parameters for indoor as well as outdoor: position, temperature, humidity etc

WFS net® functionality

The expandable mesh is a multifunctional product with endless user areas that limits fire damage and protects your assets or property.

•          A multifunctional and flexible product that can be used in different areas and contexts •          Protects asset or property from surrounding fire •          Excellent heat insulation •          Simple engineering •          Cost effective •          Smoke suppressant •          Self extinguishing •          Intumescent •          No dripping



Location: Sweden