Houston We Have

Houston We Have

Our Human-Centred AI software combines data, technology and mathematics to help humans make better decisions – especially when most at risk. Think industry resolve in health, finance, law, insurance. Think beach tides for human safety. Think climate risk scenarios to help us all.

Houston We Have the future. Imagine accuracy with biometric inputs to monitor brain pathways and heart rate … imagine tracking the best way to protect against catastrophic failure.

Houston We Have Proof in Problem Solving. We solve problems by identifying the likelihood of future outcome. War scenarios have trained our algorithm to accept human response and predict any outcome from the most likely probability, without bias and excluding emotion. UNBIASED REASONING to arrive at why – for example, the Kennedy assassination, the disappearance of MH370, you name it. Problem solved.

Houston We Have Patented Augmented Intelligence. First developed for the Australian Defence Intelligence Organisation.



Location: Australia, UK