HEROIQ aims to completely replace paper-based T-Cards and revolutionise Incident Management Boards. Used by fire and emergency services, our modern digital technologies provide new insights to their most valuable resource – their crews.

We design our apps in collaboration with front liners and industry veterans. We ensure our apps are built to AiiMS principles, are intuitive to use, and meet the demanding needs of an active incident. And, critically, our applications work entirely offline in the remotest locations.

Our new BattleBoard application enabled ICs and IMTs to keep a close eye on crews assigned to each sector, scaling up and down to fit the incident. A new fatigue management system protects crews’ wellbeing, elevates health, dietary, and feeling information to IMTs, and reduces occurrences of members exceeding their maximum shi length. And our enhanced digital T-cards mean better information for IMTs to make critical decisions.

Let us show you a new way to protect your crews and leave paper behind.



Location: Australia