Personnel and fatigue management, which are extremely critical, becomes difficult as incidents scale and the number of resources on-scene increases. Time-consuming manual processes such as handwriting and manual searching take valuable time away from making critical decisions. Finally, post-incident auditing and reporting is an incredibly time-consuming activity.

Designed specifically to adhere to AIIMS Principles, HEROIQ provides frontline Incident Controllers complete visibility into all of their on-scene resources. The application aims to:

  • Provide better management of fatigue for all on-scene resources;

  • Decrease the time spent on manual tasks during an incident, leading to faster critical decision making;

  • Decrease time spent post-incident for auditing and reporting.

These outcomes are achieved by providing granular detail specific to the incident, such as being able to easily see the incident hierarchy and comms channels, better monitor fatigue levels and medical conditions for all personnel, and provide reference materials such as handbooks, logs, and forms within the application.



Location: Australia