The GreenSight™ Platform includes a suite of autonomous drone hardware and sensors for remote sensing and mapping, as well as software for data processing, visualization, and assessment. Capture multiple types of data in a single autonomous drone flight, and make smart choices using our data analysis software tools.

Flight & Sensor Technology

We combine the best in drone hardware, machine piloting technology, and multiple sensors to provide thorough, precise aerial data collection on a recurring basis. Our custom multispectral camera payload simultaneously captures 5 times the data of a typical camera, including high-resolution visible spectrum, custom-tuned near-infrared light (NDVI), and thermal imaging.

Each of these components can be tailored to optimize your data collection needs. Our flexible drone design makes it possible to add sensors to our baseline camera payload, or swap in a completely custom set of sensors as needed.

GreenSight’s ultimate goal is to make aerial data collection accessible to a massive range of industries and applications, even those who currently believe these technologies are cost-prohibitive. In addition to serving large-scale commercial, industrial, and governmental applications, we are currently building a nationwide network of autonomous drone stations to serve smaller-scale applications such as home roof inspections and other insurance assessments, niche farming and small-scale agriculture, vineyards, sports field management, landscaping, and tree care, among others.



Location: Boston USA