Cornea provides on-site support to incident command teams at both national and international disasters. Using our technology platform, our field teams access, analyze, and visualize critical data in real time. We empower commanders with the information they need when they need it, saving lives and lowering costs.

Built using the most current computation and machine learning modeling and systems, the Cornea software platform collects, secures, and displays relevant georectified data in real time for response planning, management, and deployment. Our field teams work directly at disaster sites through partnerships with federal, state, and international agencies to provide actionable intelligence.

Cornea collects and fuses data from authoritative sources. Data includes: 3D terrain, fuels, weather, infrared, fire spread probability, potential control lines, watersheds, high value assets & hazardous sites, aerial assets, ground assets, road closures & traffic.

During hurricane season, we help emergency managers respond more effectively to rising flood waters, storm surges, and outages.

For wildfires, we help incident commanders and firefighters employ resources more effectively to suppress fires earlier and more quickly than ever before.



Location: USA