The robotic solutions provided by BIA5 have been designed in partnership with Deakin University’s, Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI). BIA5 played a key role in bringing robotics into a tactical context in Australian policing. BIA5 has provided a unique mix of operational experience and technical knowledge around the development and application of ground robotics as a command tool during high risk situations. BIA5’s robotics platforms have been used to impressive operational success within Australia, aiding in the execution of operational tasking without placing lives at risk.

All of the OzBot robotic platforms can be rapidly adapted to a multitude of tasks making the OzBots an ideal addition to a range of industries outside of emergency services and law enforcement. Improved safety in industries including mining, hazardous area inspections and agriculture. The ability to carry a variety of common tools and sensing equipment such as ground penetrating radar, makes the integration of robotics into daily operations possible.

Our robotic solutions are designed and manufactured by engineers passionate about working with clients to provide the best possible solution to operational needs. This is supported by a team with a broad range of real world robotics experience. Your system comes wholly supported from staff training to modification, repair and servicing.



Location: Noosa, QLD