Program Details

A pathway to scale for promising FireTech companies


Designed for early stage companies that have launched a product specifically in the FireTech sector or have a use case in one of the bushfire emergency problem spaces. Must have established a level of product-market fit and be ready for further commercialisation.

With a focus on commercialisation and market-making, this modular program combines mentoring, networking, access to experts, technical onsite training and on-going support. Participants get to tap into a global network of mentors with deep expertise.

  • There's much more to this than firefighting

  • Breakthrough solutions built on next generation technologies


Strategy Refinement

Increasing returns Economics, network effects.
Key market strategies; Offensive, Defensive, Flanking, Guerrilla
Diffusion of innovation curve: evaluating & identifying market maturity, adoption.
Identifying focused verticals.


Finance & Capitalization

Modelling and forecasting
Capital structures
Venture capital
Financial capital instruments



Brand V Product marketing
Persona development, Identifying power, influences, stakeholders.
Key messaging & comms, target groups, lead nurturing, demand generation.
Cases study & use case development



Sales operations: HR,Team building, Metrics, KPI’s, Operational systems
Sales process: Lead, Opportunity, Account management, pipeline management channels V direct.
Skills development: Prospecting, qualification, demand generation, sales cycles, negotiation, presentation & product demonstration.


Operations for scale

Cloud stack best practice, remote teams efficiencies, enabling technology platforms options/selection, data driven insights, analytics, operations enablement tools.
Workflow automation, enterprise tools, analytics.

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